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  •  - Nailed It! At Home Experience | A Netflix & Fever Experience

Will you claim your culinary crown or crumble under the pressure with this Nailed It! At Home Experience?

Join other amateur bakers in the Nailed It! At Home Experience, a hilarious culinary experience by Netflix and Fever in which you will virtually go head-to-head with other bakers. The baking kit, which you can ONLY get at select Walmart stores, contains all the ingredients you will need, step by step instructions, as well as a code to join the virtual experience.

Suitable for beginners and baking enthusiasts, this baking extravaganza is going to be a laughter-filled experience from the safety of your own kitchen. You can participate as an individual or with your family. Either way, grab your apron and let’s get started!

From the screen to your kitchen!

Netflix's hit series Nailed It! pits amateur bakers against each other to see who makes the least disastrous creation... and now it's your turn to fail your way to the top! Cakes will overflow, frosting will melt and everything might just fall apart... but a ridiculously good time will be had by all! Just head to Walmart and grab a baking kit containing most of what you'll need to participate (4 cupcakes, pucker up candy, sprinkles, Green Fondant, Icing writers, pre-made icing with tip) plus a list of what else you'll need at home (toothpicks, and spatula or butter knife). Then use the code in your box to join an online experience combining all the best ingredients of Nailed It! (hilarity, chaos, fails...) in an unforgettable recipe that will leave you craving more!

You Nailed it! - Nailed It! At Home Experience | A Netflix & Fever Experience

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What’s included?

Each box will include:
  1. A custom Nailed It! At Home Experience baking kit, including all ingredients, decorating supplies and step-by-step instructions.
  2. A code to access the live-streamed event from the comfort of your home!
  3. Special guests, great surprises, and a lot of fun!
  • Date & Time:
    1. Saturday, Oct 16th @ 11am & 2pm PT/ 2pm & 5pm ET
      Saturday, Oct 23rd @ 12 noon PT / 3pm ET
  • Duration: > 1 hour
  • Location: your kitchen
  • Age requirement: all ages
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Do you have any question? Maybe you can find the answer here!

How can I join in?
Purchase your baking kit at select Walmart stores and redeem the code inside the baking kit on this page to schedule your online experience!. Instructions will be included with the kit. An email will be sent ahead of the online event with login information to participate.
What does the box contain?
The box will contain cupcakes, decorating supplies and helpful accessories, as well as step-by-step instructions. In true Nailed It! fashion, seeing how well you and other bakers recreate the challenge is part of the fun!
Do I need to have extra ingredients or accessories?
Other than a couple of toothpicks and a butter knife, everything will be provided in the kit.
I have other food allergies. What do I do?
Check the ingredients of your kit to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Nutrition label here.
What is your refund/exchange policy?
All tickets are non-refundable. Ticket non-refund terms and conditions are agreed to before purchase. In special circumstances, we may be able to help reschedule your ticket to another date and session if one becomes available. Please contact us here for more information. Be sure to include your ticket order number.
Is this a kid-friendly environment?
Yes! This event is recommended for all ages.
I bought my box online! Now what?
Head to your Walmart store to pick it up. Go, go, go! Once you have it, use the code inside the box to gain access to the online experience.
Got your box already?
Yay! Redeem your code for a ticket to the online experience and prepare to decorate it till you make it!
I can’t make it to any of the dates available. Will you be having more sessions?
We may announce additional sessions. Stay tuned! But you can still enjoy your kit regardless.
How many people can participate?
You can participate as an individual or with your friends or family. There is no additional cost for the online experience if you have multiple family members participating, but make sure to follow any relevant guidelines on gatherings!
Will I be featured during the live experience?
Quite possibly! By turning on your camera, you agree that we can use your image to market and promote the NAILED IT! At Home Experience.
Will this be taped/recorded?
This event will be recorded but will only be available to participants of this online experience for a limited time.
Will this be on Netflix?
No, this will not be aired on Netflix but it may be live-streamed on the Netflix TikTok or YouTube channels and recorded for quality purposes.
Will there be a cash prize like on the show?
Unfortunately no, but it will be a lot of fun!
How can I share my masterpiece (or disasterpiece)?
We encourage bakers to share their final result using the hashtag #naileditathome
Who will be participating in this experience?
The Nailed It! At Home Experience is open to all fans and baking enthusiasts. All participants who purchased a baking kit are invited to join the virtual experience together.





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